Safetrack Driving School

Cruise with confidence!

We will ensure that you have the confidence to drive in busy downtown traffic or on snow covered roads during winter. Whatever the condition might be, we've got your back.

We are here to help! Please call or text us at (780) 236-0022.

Why Safetrack Driving School?

Our name defines our commitment to your safety. We are certified driving instructors approved by Government of Alberta who can train you to become a safe driver. Our Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons are tailored to your needs, and are designed to help you learn quickly and safely to respond to changing road conditions. Similarly, our classroom curriculum will help you understand the importance of traffic laws and teach you to be aware of your surroundings. The combination of our Behind-the-Wheel and classroom instruction course will make you an ideal driver.

About Safetrack Driving School

Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

We believe a company built upon the foundations of respect, honesty, and fairness will offer the best customer satisfaction. Safetrack Driving School Ltd. is such a company and sets the highest standards for customer satisfaction. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best learning experience for all student drivers.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy

We understand that every student in our class is unique; with varying abilities and learning style. Our curriculum provides students the tools they need to become a safe driver. We try to make the training enjoyable with strong emphasis on hands-on learning. We ensure every student receives a solid learning experience along with the assistance, assurance, and confidence they need to succeed.

Our Values